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Researches and Publications


PostgreSQL for Data Architects CoverPostgreSQL for Data Architects (Packt Publishing, 2015)

Discover how to design, develop, and maintain your database application effectively with PostgreSQL.

Technical Reviewer

Adempiere 3.6 Cookbook CoverAdempiere 3.6 Cookbook (Packt Publishing, 2010)

Over 100 recipes for extending and customizing ADempiere beyond its standard capabilities

Technical Reviewer


Efficient Maximal Reverse Skyline Query Processing

Farnoush Banaei-Kashani, Parisa Ghaemi, and Bahman Movaqar, Seyed Jalal Kazemitabar
GeoInformatica, July 2017, Volume 21

Given a set S of sites and a set O of objects in a metric space, the Optimal Location (OL) problem is about computing a location in the space where introducing a new site (e.g., a retail store) maximizes the number of the objects (e.g., customers) that would choose the new site as their “preferred” site among all sites.

A New Approach To Designing Fault Tolerant and Embedded Operating Systems

Bahman Movaqar and Mirzad Mohandespour
Chamran University, Iran, 2004

Inspired by Exo kernel and Micro Kernel operating system design paradigms, a new approach was proposedto further modularise the design and increase fault tolerance while keeping the disk and memory footprint fit for embedded devices. Prototype operating system developed as a proof of concept and made open source as IFEM OS.