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Professional Services

Software Architecture and Design

Software design and architecture is a very fine art; one striving to find the very delicate balance between engineering excellence and costs. A well-designed software has an architecture which is beautiful, simple and responsive to requirement changes while keeping the costs at a practical low.

There are many different software types out in the wild, ranging from hard real-time ones to the (now hopefully extinct) fat-client ones. If you are in the design phase of a software that falls into any of the following categories and happen to need some assistance, just drop me an e-mail.

  • Web-based enterprise applications (such as ERP software)
  • Web-based customer-facing applications
  • Web-based public-facing applications

Software Development

Software Development is the sweet spot between art and engineering which translates the fine art of software architecture into the alien realm of 0's and 1's. A well-written piece of software not only meets the deadlines and planned costs, but also is beautiful, easy to read, comprehend and extend and exhibits a solid performance.

If you are in the development phase of a software project on any of the following platforms and happen to need assistance just drop me an e-mail.

  • JVM (i.e. Java, Groovy, Scala or Clojure)
  • Python
  • Scheme / CommonLisp
  • C